I have never felt this way like I felt when I heard that Rose my girlfriend’s friend was I a coma.
Minutes after 5pm in the evening when I was heading home, I received a phone call from my girlfriend who was on a vacation in Mombasa that her bed friend Rose was in hospital and now it was he third day in there.
I went back to the hospital that evening where I found her on bed very weak and so I cleared the hospital bill thanks to my Mpesa since I had some cash there that I quickly withdrew and paid for her bills. She was later discharged and I had to call in a taxi man a very good pal of mine who drove us to her home. I paid the taxi man and within few seconds he was away from the gate. I went out to a nearby shop where I bought some fruits for.
After making sure everything was ok I called my girlfriend to tell her that I’m now heading back home but after that call I turned to say goodbye to Rose but she had this one request that I should remain for a while. She told me to lie next to her to give her company. Being a man trying to act as a gentleman I accepted and


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Thinking about this topic, I’ve been wondering who the focus of this post should be – girls or guys or both. In almost every tertiary institution in Kenya, you find ‘undergraduate couples’ living as husbands and wives. You find a lot of these misguided people in virtually all schools. It’s so bad that, often times, […]

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Who on earth allows people to register churches with some funny and weard names. As far as everything is concerned I know that the office of Attorney general does the registration or registration ministry. Before the registration there has to be a process that has to be followed, after vetting and confirming that every information given is valid the registra goes ahead by registering the organization or church.

Over the week as I was working away from the office that gave me an ample time to walk around and know my neighborhood well by at least saying hi to one or two people around. Along the way I passed by a local church owned by a Nigerian pastor. Now what caught my attention ain’t how good it is but the name of the church. Brest and Honey Church of God????? Wait a minute what does that name mean and who are the members? I sort to find out more about the church.

The name puzzled me alot until I found mama mboga (vegetable vendor) and pretended to buy bananas from her. Before she could get me the change I engaged her in a dialogue about her business around the area though that wasn’t my real motive of the dialogue. After chatting for few seconds I had to ask about the church I had just seen few meters away. “You asking about Brest and Honey Church?” mama mboga asked. Oh yeah I pretend to have liked it and wanted to join. Now what followed after a long pause is what really shocked me. “You can’t join that church I tell you this for free.” And I asked why not. The woman stammered abit before giving me facts. “.That pastor is wicked and very immoral, he sleeps with every woman that goes there for prayers. The church is fool of ladies and women who believes that the demons have hindered them from getting married, pastor always claim for him to pray for any lady he must suck her Brest to remove the demons.” I had to interrupt the dialogue by echoing the words .

How on earth can a pastor suck women’s breast a sensitive part on a lady in the name of sucking out demons? But due to disparation our ladies find themselves in such like situations. So my next question was to know whether there are men too in the church but I was told it’s a ladies church and not gents like me coz I could have vehemently landed myself there so that I may become unsullied here on earth. I drove back home where I made few calls to my friends who might have been customers or rather victims of the pastors prayers all in vain.

Now ladies listen there’s nothing like sucking demons in your mammary glands. Next time you are enticed in such like prayers run away not unless if you want to get pastor baby. Am still waiting to hear a one on one testimony from any lady who was prayed for by the pastor how they felt at least I can also start such like church at home where there are beautiful ladies and enjoy sucking their nipples one by one.


Thinking about this topic, I’ve been wondering who the focus of this post should be – girls or guys or both. In almost every tertiary institution in Kenya, you find ‘undergraduate couples’ living as husbands and wives. You find a lot of these misguided people in virtually all schools. It’s so bad that, often times, they are duly recognized and acknowledged as couples by Lodge neighbors, classmates and even leaders of various students associations. Little wonder there is such an award as “The best couple of the year award” shamelessly and thoughtlessly received by students. Like I said earlier, I really don’t know the particular gender to
address but let me just keep typing. The rate at which girls live with their boyfriends in their various off campus hostels is painfully alarming. Most times, these young girls are very beautiful, with bright and promising future. They cohabit with boys who are their fellow students as roommates. The lugubrious part of
it is that the silly girl would always introduce the small boy as her fiancee. Our society is really sick courtesy of those that live in it. These girls collect either hostel fees or house rents from unsuspecting (and sometimes,
struggling) parents and end up in the house of a boy. You struggled possibly for several years to gain admission. Then you suddenly became a prayer
warrior posting and shouting ‘Amen’ at the slighted provocation. You fasted. You had one prayer point filled with promises of your loyalty and devotion to God if only He would answer your prayer. Now that He has fulfilled His part by answering and granting you admission, don’t you think He is expecting you
to fulfill your own part, to keep whatever
promises you made to Him? Many of you just got admission and once you
settle down (especially from your second year), crazy thoughts will begin to creep into your minds. Yes by then, the heat of the rush would have been over; If God didn’t capture you (possibly through the various campus fellowships), boys would have caught you. For the guys its a course that shouldn’t be carried over.
Soon, they would persuade you to move in with them. Of course, they’d give you one thousand reasons to make you give in to their prodding. Before you agree to move in and live with a boy on campus, consider the reason why you are in school in the first place. What
image would you be creating about yourself? Can this boy marry you in case you get pregnant for him as is always the case, or will you resort to series of abortions like many other girls before you? What advice will you give your children in future concerning this kind of things? After school, what next? Will the relationship really lead you anywhere?
This post is finally addressing the female folks. I didn’t plan it that way. Maybe it’s because they are the worst hit by the grave consequences of illicit sexual relationships. They are the ones that turn out to be the sore losers in the end. They call it school life but they don’t realize how idiotic they have been
till it’s too late. You are not in school to get married. Part of the reasons why you are in school IS NOT to get the husband-and-wife experience, to see what it feels like for the boy
to provide the money for food and for the girl to go to the market for food stuffs and cook. That’s pure misplacement of purpose! One guy told me that he was practically learning how to be a caring and romantic husband. Such shameless! Then you hear the girl say, “We are not doing anything, we are just roommates”. Yet she commits countless abortions before graduation. Yes, your admission has given you unlimited freedom. Yes, your parents are not there to tell you
what to do or what not to do. There is even no blood relation around, so there’s no fear of someone reporting you. But what about giving your womanhood respect and protecting your dignity? What about living in such a way as to have a positive story to tell the next generation (including your children) without your conscience pricking you? What Goes Around Will Definitely Come Around….Why not exercise a moment of thorough thinking!!! Will you???

ITS POSSIBLE TO STAY PURE…You just need to set your vision and goals right and focus on God.


Chris called me out and asked not to reveal what I had seen during the day and also in his house. Well I promised him that I won’t even dream of it leave alone telling anyone.

“Good boy,I can see you soon going to be a real nigga in this game of love” said Chris. I still wanted to know what they were doing in the bush so I waited patiently like a church mouse waiting for the church offerings. He told me that they were making love. “Love??? What’s the hell is that” I asked. Then he told me it’s an act between two people of different sexes though men to men can do it likewise to ladies.

I there has ever been anything that stressed me was the issue of making love. Though he explained the process which I understood but now how can a man make love to another man and a lady too makes love to another lady?? The question lingered in my mind and that night I had what I may call nightmare’s of a man making love to another man or a lady making love to another lady. After what seemed like studying physics while in standard one I tiptoed back home lucky enough the moment I landed in the house my no nonsense mother came in to give me instructions of what I’ll do in the morning when I wake up.

She sensed that something was wrong with me coz I looked disturbed and restless and when she asked me about it I pretend that I had a fever and needed to rest. Some drugs were brought in for me to swallow but I hid them before throwing them away. In my dreams I saw Grace and Chris in bush naked doing what Chris told me its called “Making love”. In the morning my mother woke me up to see if I was feeling well. “Ed how is your fever?” she asked me. I answered that I was fine and ready to do my days job she had given me the previous day.

I went to the shamba (Garden) to water our Kales since it was on a Saturday and no school. Grace passed by where I was working though I had not seen her and so she said hi to me from a distance. Before I could respond I flashed back what I saw the previous day forgetting how to respond. She again repeated the greetings for the second time and I answered back as I continued to water the Kales.

As if she had been sent to me she came closer to where I was and asked if she can help me to water the garden to which I accepted thinking maybe she had a better explanation of what they were doing in the bush naked as Chris slept on top of her which seemed like he was heavy coz she was making noise during the whole process. We engaged in a talk of our various schools and how teachers were seriously disciplining those who went against the law or failed to do their homework.
We became close friends and for like three months I had not asked her about it anymore. One day I found a letter in my school bag addressed to me, as I read through it I thought my mom had decided to congratulate me for being a good boy around home and in school. Alas! I was wrong it was from Grace who by the time was my best friend who a day can’t go without us meeting and sharing one or two words for the day.

I liked Grace because she was intelligent lady,she could help me master how to speak good English and Kiganda a language from Uganda. We also shared ideas together and homework since she was ahead of me in class she knew more than I did. Here is an excerpt of the letter how it was….

Hi Ed,

I know you will be surprised as why I’ve decided to write this later to you. I want to thank you for being a loyal friend to me, since we begun talking to each other I feel safe coz I have someone who understands me and who I can share ideas with.

It might sound weird though I just have to tell you this via this mode of communication and please forgive me if I go against your plans. I am hardly and madly in love with you and I want you to accept me in as your girlfriend please.

Reply after reading or in the evening after school we shall meet at my place. I’ll tell my dad and mom that we are revising.

NB: Tear it after reading and don’t expose it to anyone.

Yours in love

Now this made me both excited and kinda confused. I decided to wait till evening when we meet,so when the time to go home cane calling I ran towards their school to wait for Grace. “Hi Ed,today you came to pick me from school that’s good of you, how was your day?” she asked me.


Ever since I was born, I have not seen many people arrived
late to the airport when the person is travelling. In fact,
when the plane is taking off at 11:00pm, the person will be
at the airport by 7:00pm, wow! That’s how much people
value travelling overseas. But on a Sunday morning when
Church has long begun that’s when you see men and women
with ‘swag’ gliding like pregnant serpents to Church, they
know they are late, but because they have a new armani suit
on and the latest michael kors bag, they want everyone to
see it. Church starts at 7:00 or 8:00am, but people will come
at 10:00am, why? They think praise and worship is for the
uncivilized. Just take the test to call them on Monday at
5:30am, you’ll realize they are already on their way to work
and some will be there already.
Know this today, anytime you go to Church one minute late,
you have NOT attended Church at all. There is a register of
God, where angels record the name of those who come on
time, and you’ll be surprised that in Heaven they will tell
you, you never attended Church. If Christ is saying ‘where
two or three are gathered, I’m in their midst’, you think He
comes late?
The time you give is the time He keeps.
What does it mean to arrive late to Church
1) Disrespect to Christ
2) Betrayal of Christ
3) Disregard to the Church and the Pastor
4) Interruption of an eternal Program
Now consider all these, and tell me they have not sin.
Remember, Eternity’s Flight is not a flight taking you to
overseas, it’s a flight taking you to Heaven.
Don’t miss it!
There are a lot of people who are planning to go to Church
late this Sunday. Let this message hit them.
God bless!
Most of us are guilty of this! Let’s change our attitude this Year.Every time you go to church late and skip morning glory, praise and worship you miss the connection in spiritual realms.
The devil can only be fought through prayers and also the songs of worship that touches the heaven. Purpose in your heart like Daniel did when he declined to worship other gods made by the king.

Stay blessed as this article convicts you until you change your ways and value God first and more than you value your journey in air to America. Without God your journey is meaningless.————–